About Knivesmith - Smith Engineering Company

Smith Engineering Company was first opened the doors to our brick and mortar 1999. After gaining much respect and name in Industry we decided to step into knives manufacturing business and introduced a brand Knivesmith in 2014

We strive to be the creators of the most distinctive tools - tools made especially for adventurous people who like "Handmade Perfection". Whether you are an avid outdoorsman or die hard collector, we have the knife you want. Being knife enthusiasts ourselves, our commitment to customer service remains our first and only priority.


Currently we deal with wholesale dealers and we keep our stock up to date with latest designs and patterns. Yet still we are also able to special order several products not represented on our site. As always, customer requests are also welcome, please email info@knivesmith.com with any products, designs you think we should be stocking or manufacturing.


We firmly believe in competitive upfront pricing. Unlike our competitors we won't make you shop around for the best price elsewhere, our pricing is already some of the best in the business with real customer service to back it up.


From the selection of the finest raw materials to exacting and rigorous steps taken to maintain quality control during each phase of production, there is a lot of craftsmanship that has gone into every BucknBear knife, transforming a simple cutting task into a uniquely pleasurable experience each and every time.

Rockwell testing equipment (HRC) is used to maintain strict control over the all important hardening process. Resistance to corrosion and cutting edge superiority are entirely dependent on this precise heat treatment process.

To ensure optimum performance, our sharpness testing machine is used on every knife blade that we manufacture, guaranteeing the best possible performance with every knife.


Knivesmith by Smith Engineering Company